Guarantee, efficiency and design…trust in a brand

From the time of the company’s founding in Valencia in 1957, Carbel has found a source of inspiration in fire – not only as a heat source but as a veritable lifestyle.

As we have grown together with our customers – listening and attending to their needs – we have developed our own designs for maximum efficiency and performance. Offering reliable solutions that satisfy market demands, we have put all our efforts into the design and quality of the product, successfully creating a connection of trust between the customer, the product and the company.

Energy efficiency and respect for the environment

In the task of conserving the environment, the use of renewable energy sources is as important as developing highly efficient products.

For this reason, at Carbel we have created a range of products focused on energy efficiency, that is, offering high levels of performance and minimum emissions.

In this way, using the Carbel products, we will make the most of each Kg of firewood and minimize emissions to the environment.

Welcome to the Carbel generation!