Since 1957 – woodburning stoves and fireplaces in Valencia

Carbel is a dynamic and innovative Valencia-based company with more than 60 years of accumulated experience. Our passion and commitment to our profession can be seen in our products; offering customers functionality, efficiency and design.

The dynamic, innovative and family-owned nature of our company has allowed us to adapt our offer to market demands, with competitive and reliable solutions. A clear sign of this is our compliance with the European regulations: CE Standard EN 13229, EN 13240, EN 16510, ECO DESIGN 2022, STUFE 2, etc. with the result of devices with CO emission levels under 0.1% and efficiencies over 78%.

We design and manufacture our own woodburning stoves, cassette inserts and thermo-fireplaces. 
Our experience, the manufacturing process, our machinery and the materials we use, make possible to propose a range of efficient and reliable solutions for all tastes, with models that allow different customisations. Fireplace insets, two-sided fireplaces and stoves, can be customised choosing between different options of interior lining and different frames.
A human team of professionals with professional tools. 
Carbel team is highly specialised in all the tasks undertaken. Throughout the different steps of the product manufacturing, from the reception of the raw materials to the shipment of the finished product, their dedication and care assure the optimum performance and reliability of our products.



Since 1957, we design and produce our own models of fireplaces and stoves.


All our models complies with the mandatory certifications and regulations.


Our products are distributed in more than 35 countries.


With our customers – dealers and with the final customer.