Concerned about the environment

Since the beginning, CARBEL has opted for renewable energies and respect for the environment, so much that we make it our way of life.

When it comes to preserving the environment, it is as important to use renewable energy sources, as it is to develop highly efficient products, more respectful with the environment. In this way, by using Carbel products, we will make the most of each piece of firewood and reduce emissions to the minimum.

In this spirit, it was logical then to do the most to reduce our own consumption and emissions, with the installation in our factory of a photovoltaic solar plant. The plant is on the roof surface of our factory in Paterna, and occupies around 2000 square meters, with 576 panels and 7 inverters.

The approximate energy production is around 170.000 kWh per year for our direct energy needs. This reduces also our traditional energy bill by 45%, and an estimated reduction of CO emissions of 82 tons per year.


Since 1957, we design and produce our own models of fireplaces and stoves.


All our models complies with the mandatory certifications and regulations.


Our products are distributed in more than 35 countries.


With our customers – dealers and with the final customer.