CARBEL's line of home fireplaces is distinguished by its modern and elegant design.

The combination of large glazed doors and fine frames serve to highlight the fire itself.

Ideal for installing in new homes, the ventilation system is hidden by locating it below the house in a discrete and accessible manner.

Optimum burning levels, Combustion Plus System and clean glass display.

Include a number of outlets for channelling hot air to other rooms.

Optional external air intake.


foto chimenea

Fireplace HK-100

A revolutionary design!

Potencia: 9,3 Kw
Rendimiento: 78%
Emisiones CO: 0,14%
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Modern and minimalist

Potencia: 7 Kw
Rendimiento: 80,40%
Emisiones CO: 0,085%
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Fireplace H-69 T

Balancing size with efficiency

Potencia: 5 Kw. - 10 Kw.
Rendimiento: 75%
Emisiones CO: 0,15%


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Fireplace HK-100 Double sided

Of current style, offers an unbeatable view of the fire

Potencia: 8 Kw. - 15 Kw.
Rendimiento: 75%
Emisiones CO: 0,27%