CARBEL installs a photovoltaic solar plant

Since its beginnings, Carbel has always committed to renewable energies, so much so that is has become our way of life. Over the years we have worked continuously to lower the emissions of our fireplaces, in order to make them more environmentally friendly. So, it was logical that we would also try to lower our companies’ energy consumption and emisisons.

Therefore, at Carbel we have installed a solar plant for our own energy needs. The plant has been installed on the roof of our factory at the Industrial estate of Paterna, Fuente del Jarro. The installation is around 2000 square metres, and consists of 576 panels and 7 inverters.

The approximate energy production is around 170.000 kWh per year and is for our direct energy needs. This reduces our traditional energy bill by 45%, and an estimate is that this way we reduce CO emission by 82 tonnes per year. With this, at Carbel we reaffirm our philosophy of respect for the environment and dedication to renewable energies

For more information (Spanish only) please see also:  artículo en el diario Levante o el reportaje en  la revista industrial Asivalco.

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