How the new generation KRONOS fireplace insert Works

sist-kronosMaximum control when lighting the fire
Air intake adjustment by adjusting the primary air intake at 50% (1), the oxygen is directed to the front part of the insert offering greater control.

Easy lighting
By opening the primary air intake more than 50%, a boost of air is directed through the grille making fire lighting easier (2)

Exterior air intake
KRONOS cassette inserts include an optional exterior air intake (3)). This can be connected to the house exterior to the base or back of the insert.

Control during combustion, secondary adjustable air intakes
A second air current is pre-heated by flowing through the bottom of the insert before entering into the combustion chamber through the air intakes (4), helping to raise the temperature of the chamber while
burning the gasses. The third pre-heated air intake is located on the upper part of the insert (5), creating an air wash that helps keep the glass clean for a longer time while improving combustion.

Double baffle system - improved energy efficiency
Two baffles (6) help to reduce heat loss, keeping the temperature in the home as comfortable as possible. In this way we achieve the highest level of energy efficiency while minimising CO2 emissions.

Front flap valve air adjustment
KRONOS models are equipped with a frontal air adjustment valve (7) that allows you to open or close the hot air outlet, making it possible to improve the channeling of the heat to other rooms in the house.

Larger combustion chamber
KRONOS models allows you to enjoy a larger combustion chamber and greater view of the flames.