Power: 6 Kw. - 15 Kw.

Efficiency: 77%

CO emissions: 0,15%


Equipped with the Plus energy
efficiency system



White refractory cement

White refractory cement

interior_cemento_refractarioChimney interior lined with refractory cement slabs. High resistance. High thermal inertia. Self-cleaning material.



Interior lined with vermiculite plates.
Thanks to its refractory properties, higher temperatures are achieved favoring the combustion of firewood.


Frame 1,5cm.

4-sided frame of 1,5 cm
To finish the installation with a frame that covers the four faces of the apparatus.

Frame 4,5cm.

4-sided frame of 4,5 cm
To finish the installation with a frame that covers the four faces of the apparatus.


Turbine with control unit and remote control

Turbine of 430 m3/h with control unit and remote control

centralita-mando-distanciaComfort at your fingertips.
We offer the possibility to regulate the flow of the turbine electronically, in a thermostat or manual position, thanks to a modern and decorative central unit.
For convenience you have a simple remote control.

Turbine with speed regulator

Turbine of 430 m3/h with speed regulator

regulador-velocidadSpeed regulator.
Discreet and practical.
Thanks to its discreet design, it is easily integrated in any environment, allowing the turbine to be regulated from maximum to minimum.

Without turbine

The CARBEL inserts and fireplaces are designed to work perfectly with both turbines and without them.

The advantages of not carrying ventilation is that no electrical installation is necessary.


Revolutionize design

Large insert fireplace and avant-garde aesthetics.

Its ample glass and purified design emphasizes the vision of the fire

Dekor door finish.

Double combustion system and clean glass.

Efficiency 77%.

Optional turbine of 430 m3 / h.